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The mission of the MELODIKUM band is to bring a top-class performance that will satisfy even demanding clients. The perfectly coordinated team of six musicians has relied on high-quality live music production and carefully selects the greatest Czech and world hits of many genres and decades, with which they appeal to a broad audience.

kapela melodikum simply the show

We'll do our best to make your event amazing!

Whether you choose jast an one-hour or a full-length production, we will do everything to make your event unforgettable – in the best sense of the word! Both lengths are great for any occasion. Thanks to a varied playlist and English fluent speech, the band’s production is attractive among Czech and foreign clients.

Just a couple of reasons for MELODIKUM:

We've compiled a rich playlist suitable for every occasion

During our concert or a full-length production we’ll play you a range of golden hits, including a rare selection of those, which you have probably never heard by live band. We’ll also add few pieces from current world charts or immortal Czech evergreens, so that everyone will hear something to their taste.

Let's enjoy our unique music sets together!

Our production includes several tuned-up sets carefully composed by ourselves, which contain well-known hits following each other without interruption. These blocks have become the popular highlights of our show, they bring moments of surprise and a huge dose of proven music in a relatively short time.

We love crossing boundaries of conventional party bands

Even the best DJ can never match the magic and atmosphere that an experienced and well-coordinated band can create! And since we enjoy pushing our own limits, we constantly improve all aspects of our production, we learn from the most sought-after foreign bands of our kind and dispel myths about the declining level of the Czech party band scene. We became leaders among cover bands in our region and we do our best to impress by our show across a wider area.

For us, what you see is as important as what you hear

Only some people have an ear for music, but everyone ‘listens’ with their eyes. That’s why you won’t find any clutter on our stage – no sheet music stands, lamps or unsightly junks that doesn’t belong on a professional stage. Our outfits are adapted to the type of event, whether it is a prestigious gala evening for selected business partners or just an informal meeting with friends.

We have rich experience with foreign audiences

Our talkative frontman will take care of the accompanying program and will lead you throughout our show. We speak fluent English and we adapt the selection of songs to foreign guests. We’ve already participated in events with audiences from Austria, Germany, France, Great Britain, Spain, USA, Russia, Mexico, Costa Rica, China and other countries.

Get the best value for money with our smart bundles.

The “dark side” of many tribute, revival and original bands is their narrow genre scope, limited length of their production, often questionable quality and astronomical price – you often pay just for the “brand”. Our show is a varied, professional and affordable alternative, which is also able to cover an entire evening and entertain a diverse audience.

We will take care of top-class technical support

Technical support by our partner agency is also a guarantee of a immersive experience from our production. We will provide you with top-quality sound system, professional lighting, LED screens, stages, party tents and other services as part of affordable packages or individual offers tailored to your event.

Prague? Brno? Vienna? No problem!

We are always on the road. We can easily reach you anywhere in the Central Bohemian Region, Prague, Vysočina and even abroad – it depends just on your budget. The first 100 km of the total journey from České Budějovice is included in the price, so transportation across South Bohemian Region is mostly free. The same policy applies to technical support.

...and a million opportunities to meet:

Corporate or VIP events, conferences, festivals, concerts

A full-length music show or "just" a brief concert with a selection of the best? We will take care of the music production and the technical support. With other trusted suppliers and agencies, we will take care of the whole event.

Graduation balls and proms, annual balls etc.

Melodikum has already become synonymous with revolution of the prom and ball world in many locations. Altogether with top-quality sound, lights and services from our packages, the band guarantees you a great experience.

Weddings, celebrations and other private parties

Extraordinary life events deserve an extraordinary show! For small-scale parties, we have a budget-friendly solution with affordable sound and light equipment that will fit tiny spaces and will comfortably satisfy an audience of up to 100 guests.

We play fair. No fakes.

The world is full of cheaters and pretenders. Don't let them trick you! Enjoy our pure live production without any playback or pre-recorded accompaniment.

Band members

We’ve built our success on perfect coordination. This six-member team has performed together on hundreds of events for several years.

Aleš Dokulil

lead singer, management

Kristýna Kolářová

lead singer

Otto Bureš

electric guitar, vocals

Jitka Nestřebová

keyboard, vocals

Michal Hojda

bass guitar, vocals

Jirka Vondrák

Selection of visited locations:

Czech Republic, South Bohemia; Central Bohemian Region, Bavorov, Bechyně, Brandlín (Klepákův mlýn), Černice (Hotel U Matěje), Černovice (Hotel Resort Mlýn), České Budějovice, Český Krumlov, Dehtáře, Dráchov, Dolní Dvořiště, Dolní Vltavice (Hotel Relax), Frymbrurk (Wellness Hotel), Haklovy Dvory (Pivovar Kněžínek), Hlavatce (Statek U Drsů), Hluboká nad Vltavou (Hotel Štekl, Parkhotel Hluboká), Holašovice (Stodola Holašovice), Chotýčany, Chýnov, Jedraž, Jindřichův Hradec, Kaplice, Kardašova Řečice, Kestřany (Golf Resort Ovčín), Kožlí u Orlíka, Kuřimany (Chateau Kravín), Malé Chrášťany (Wellness hotel Boží Oko), Martinský mlýn, Milevsko, Mirkovice (Golf Svachova Lhotka, Statek Kloubek, Venkovská usedlost Zahrádka) Nové Hrady, Orlík, Poněšice, Písek, Plástovice (Aspera), Pluhův Žďár, Prachatice, Přední Výtoň, Roudné, Rožnov u Landštejna (Bison Ranch), Sepekov, Strakonice, Suchdol nad Lužnicí, Šindlovy Dvory, Tábor, Trhové Sviny, Třeboň, Vimperk, Včelná, Vodňany, Volyně, Zlatá Koruna, Žumberk; Blovice, Brno, Březnice, Děčín, Dolní Cerekev, Heroutice, Hoffmanův Dvůr, Hlavní město Praha (Palác Lucerna, Palác Žofín, Masarykova kolej ČVUT, Corinthia Hotel a další), Jihlava, Kamenice nad Lipou (Pivovar Kamenice), Karlštejn (Romantický hotel Mlýn), Kutná Hora, Lenora, Pelhřimov, Plzeň, Průhonice, Středočeský kraj, Rakovník, Telč (Panský dvůr), Varnsdorf, Všetice u Prahy, Vysočina, Yard Resort, Žďár nad Sázavou, Adria Ankaran Hotel & Resort (Slovinsko) a další. 

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